the Athabasca Landing Trail

The Athabasca Landing Trail (ALT) will be a continuous, non-motorized recreational trail that will run 150 km from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to Athabasca, Alberta. Wherever feasible, the trail will follow the route of the historic Athabasca Landing Trail, dubbed “The 100 Mile Portage,” built in 1876. ALT is part of the Trans Canada Trail and the start of its only overland route into the northern territories.

The trail is currently under development as a partnership of Alberta TrailNet Society, Government of Alberta, the five municipalities along the trail, and two regional trail groups.

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The Athabasca Landing Trail committee is interested in receiving stories (old or new) and photos about this trail. Please include a photo caption identifying the location, point of interest or natural feature, wildlife, or people in the photo. (Please ensure you have obtained and include a written "consent for photo use" form from all people shown in the photo.) Please click below to learn how to send in your story.

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They were driven out of their minds by mosquitoes and biting flies. The travelers also encountered sand traps and mud holes so deep that for miles exhausted horses were left for dead, the wagons and goods abandoned while the parties continued the 96 mile trek on foot."...

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